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What Do you know about the baseless program against Mr. Ali Sheikh

Mr. Ali Sheikh is Somali national merchant who has large business transcontinental in and outside the country Africa and Asia.  Particularity south Sudan, Kenya, Tanzaian and some central Africa countries where he has large shops and warehouses dealing assorted goods and services .

Mr. Ali Sheikh has some of the top business in the country like Rayaan Mall and Day To Day store in the country leading business well known in the country with high quality goods and services. Where he has employed hundreds persons in the country and outside the country .

There has been increasing propaganda against his wealth and business where some websites featured articles and columns baseless propaganda of corruption that is only envy of his profitable trade and entrepreneurship he is front line the Somalia business.

The baseless allegations against Mr. Ali Sheikh are the involvement of large projects  of real estate and supply for the government and international companies in the country.

The mistakes made in the propaganda are  the ownership of companies and business other than his, like Doogle company which petroleum dealer company with more stations in the country and transportation company for the airport passengers and security system limited only the airport road from the Aden Abdulle international airport gate to Km4.

Some rival competitors has paid money to mass media,  the dissemination of false propaganda to damage his outstanding business line in Somalia   and in the Africa and Asia. For only his growing business they think has links with his brother Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Somali federal government.

Mr. Ali Sheikh is victims of the Somalia political propagandas that some people write articles in websites that he has made power abuse benefiting the power of his brother. This is really very weak allegation that has no bases and evidence.

The wealth of the Mr. Ali Sheikh was before the federal government and will last every for his talents and natural entrepreneurship endowment. It is not surprised to see   like this poorly designed allegation against the high profile people who made achievement in the trade, policy and technology

Mr. Ali Sheikh is so tolerable for the mistakes made by selfish persons spreading baseless propaganda against him and will be wise enough to bring in front of the law the main actors behind the dirty attack campaign against his dignity and trade.

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