Somali army captures strategic town of Janale from Al-Shabaab


The Somali National Army has captured the strategic southern town of Janale from the militant group, Al-Shabaab.

Janale, a strategic agricultural town in Lower Shabelle region, was under the control of the Al-Qaeda-linked militants for over 4 years.

Its fall is a huge blow to Al-Shabaab who have suffered a string of defeats after the army seized strategic areas it previously held in Lower habelle Region.

The group had been collecting huge revenues from farmers in the area for the last four years since it took over the town after a deadly attack against Ugandan AMISOM forces, forcing them to withdraw from the town in 2015.

Reports say that the Somali National Army is combing the town for explosives left behind by the Al-Shabaab fighters, who pulled out before the soldiers arrived in the city.

SOURCE:  Somali Affairs